Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Message from Kimi!

ALRIGHT GUYS: So we all know when people hate they are jealous of something. There's no law that your not allowed to have your own opinion BUT there is a difference between "hate" and "opinion". I just saw some comments on a website promoting our auditions for the final member, and well for one, i was laughing probably 90% of the time with what these people were saying... All you can do is pray for them lol... BUT I just wanted to let you guys know, NMD is not giving up, were not stopping, were not a "scam", we are a project that is being developed with great people. The fact the 3 girls have left is actually a blessing in disguise, for our group to become what is needs to be. We need to find the 5 perfect complete girls who are devoted, hard workers and are prepared to be rewarded for all of our hard work. Our fans are so incredible and we promise we won't let you down. This group is called No More Drama for a reason. Not because its "catchy" but because we truly live by it. When the other girls left there was NO drama what so ever. We all support each other. Alissa, Camille and Aliyah were some of the most talented girls i've ever met and they will definitely go very far and we can't wait to see where their talent takes them. Now, who knows maybe NMD has more changes in store that we don't even know about yet but its up to God. And it will all work out for the BETTER. NMD will continue to BRING THE HEAT, Create some amazing music and better yet put our heart and souls into this project. Thank you to our fans for believing in us your guys are the best. I love you all <3 Kimi

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