Saturday, 2 October 2010

New Ariel bulletin!

Hi Friends,

I know a lot of you are wondering about the New Girls that are going to be in Our group No More Drama. I appreciate everyones patience while we are in Boot Camp teaching the New Girls and practicing with them with some pretty amazing Choreographers and Vocal Coaches. We have been working really hard, and making everything as polished as we can before we introduce you to these 2 amazing new additions to the No More Drama family. Because that is exactly what we are. A big happy family with all the same goals and dreams and it is an awesome experience to be able to share the dream with 4 amazing girls who really are working so hard and really want this. I would like to remind everyone that Yes, we are replacing our former band mates with no disrespect intended. This is a 5 girls group and would not be complete unless there were 5. It was their decision to leave and we respect their decision and wish them only the best with all their future goals and projects. Sometimes it is best for everyone when they can just move on and be happy with what ever their dreams or goals are in life. Which is one of the points i would like to make in this Bulletin. Everyone is responsible for their own happiness. Wether it is being a Doctor or Lawyer, a School teacher or Vet, or doing what i do which is being an Entertainer. We all must find our happiness in this world and do what we love. My dream is this group. And the girls in the group all share the same dream. Sometimes we realize after we have started something when you are young that maybe what you were doing is not what you wanted and yes, it can shake things up a bit. But if you dont stay true to yourself and your dream then you will not be living to your full potential and making the most of yourself. So please, what ever it is you want to do in your life, GO FOR IT!! And dont let anything stop you from having what you want. We get one life here on Earth and i have decided to live mine doing what i love with people i love. And when i get to share it with all of you, my friends, it makes my life complete and that is what makes me happy. I am Lucky to have girls like Kimi, Aliyah and the New NMD girls in my life as i was lucky to share a part of my life with Destinee and Paris and Alissa and Camille. They will always be in my heart and i will always be their friend even if it is from a distance. So remember to have peace, do what you love and spread and share some of that love with others. God Bless


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