Friday, 22 January 2010

Exclusive Ariel Interview!

1.)What’s your date of birth?

2.)What’s your favourite colour?
Purple and yellow

3.)Who’s your favourite singer/band?
I have so many its hard to pick Paramore , Charlotte Church , Josh Groban, Christina A , Mariah C, Beyonce , Backstreet Boys

4.)What’s your favourite place to shop?
Places to shop , Free People, Urban Outfitters , Target

5.)What’s your favourite food?
Sushi and Ice Cream

6.)Do you have any animals/pets?
Yes , my puppy Baby , she is a Japanise Chin

7.)Who is your style icon?
I like to set my own style and trends but I do like how GAGA thinks out of the box, she is not afraid to take chances.

8.)What’s your favourite clothing store?
Forever 21 Nordstroms and Planet Funk

9.)Who is your celeb crush?
Antony Del Rio He happens to be my Boy Friend LOL

10.)What’s your favourite concert you have been to?
The 50th annual Grammy Awards it was amazing

11.)Do you have any siblings?
Yes , I have 2 older siblings , sister and brother, and a younger sister

12.)Do you play any instruments?
Yes , my Voice LOL

13.)Who would you like to meet?
Jesus and Obama

14.)What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?
Rocky Road and Strawberry

15.)What’s your favourite song right now?
Bad Romance by Lady GAGA

16.)What’s your favourite TV show?
That 70s Show , Everybody Loves Raymond and Friends

17.)What’s your favourite movie?
The Notebook , Family Stone , The Family Man, French Kiss ,Moulon Rouge ,Stardust , Flicka

18.)What do you like to do in your spare time?
Hang out with friends , Go to the movies, Shop , Read

19.)What kind of music do you guys sing?
Pop / R&B / Dance

20.)Who are your musical influences?
Sara Bareilles , Beyonce , GAGA , Sarah Brightman , Camille Adorbo, Aliyah FLowers, Kimi Rose , Alissa Mae.


Anonymous said...

I luv Urban Outfitters

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet she mentioned her girls in NMD

Anonymous said...

She is sooo cute!

Bria Monroe said...

Aww love the pic =] and nicee interview its good that we now know a little more about her :)
nice job!

Anonymous said...

Ariel is my style icon <3

CliqueGirlzHeaven said...

I love gaga

Battlestarhellokitty said...

I Luv Ice cream

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