Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Skinny - Ariel Moore

Ariel posted this bulletin yesterday

How thin is to thin ? How fat is to fat ? The whole thing really just makes me sick . Is success really all about how you look ? A girl with curves is called fat . A girl with out, is called a boy. Why cant we all just love and embrace what we have ? Think about it . I mean really think. Sure you can excersise and get healthy , because that is really what its all about , our health. Brittany Murphy , God rest her soul was stuck in body image Hell. I dont know about all of you but I refuse to get stuck in any Mind set that makes me hate my body . My Butts to big , my legs are fat, why isnt my tummy flat . BOOOOO . Its about health people . Eating right , most of the time , LOL . You can deff have a cheat day and eat what ever you want. Wether its chocolate , ice cream , burgers . Its really all about moderation . But one thing its not about is starving to death . THATS RIGHT . When you starve yourself all your organs especially your Heart is damaged . There could of been other things that contributed but we all know she was dying to be thin . Literally .. Please , love your body , treat it well . We only get one . Thats all I have to say . Hugs


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