Saturday, 12 December 2009

iStarz Interviewz Interview with Ariel!

Exclusive Interview with Ariel Moore; former member of the Clique Girlz!

1.) What was it like going on tour with the Clique Girlz? What was your fave part?

Going on Tour was am amazing experiance . The Tour bus , the hotels , the CONCERTS of course . But I really missed my family and that was really hard for me .

2.) What was your fave part about being in the recording studio with Paris and Destinee?

My Fav part about recording with Dest and Par was how we would always try and make it fun . We would play around when we werent in the booth .

3.) Are you going to release an album with NMD?

Yes,, I will be releasing an album with NMD. We are in the studio and rehearsals all the time preparingfor the future.

4.) Do you know when we’ll be able to hear some of the NMD songs?

Im now to sure yet , but im thinking soon they might be releasing a little something to atleast give you guys a taste. We are keeping allot of it secret for the big launch.

5.) Whats your fave part about starting a new group, NMD?

My Fav part about starting a new group with NMD was being able to really take my time and getting to know everyone first . I made a decision to do a group again because I have always enjoyed working with a team and I really wanted to go with all diff nationalities. I love how we are all individuals , but we are still close and a pretty great group , we all fit perfectly . Finding the right parents to be involved with was just as emportant as finding the girls for the group. It took us a few months to get to the final 5 girls working with a few alternates. And I have to say we really feel we make the right choice. All the families are incredible .

6.) Whats your fave part about singing and performing?

I have always loved singing and performing. I have been doing it since I was 5 so it is just second nature to me. My dancing was something I really couldnt persue in the Clique Girlz so im glad now that my group is all girls who are strong singers and dancers. We really have allot of fun in rehearsals. For fun just the other day I taught the girls a new dance just for fun and it was a blast. They really are a great bunch of girls.

7.) Do you have any artists that you look up to?

Love Sarah Barelllis , Alisha Keys , Beyonce, Taylor swift, Gaga is a trend setter and an artist so I admire her work but im not fond of allot of the meanings behind her songs. I love all artists really. If I went through them all I could prob find something I liked about them all. I love talent so I guess I have allot of people I could say are my Fav.

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